Tuberculosis (TB)

Five things my patient should know

  1. Tuberculosis is a infection of lung caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  2. There will be chronic cough, fever, night sweats, loss of weight and loss of appetite
  3. This will be confirmed by sputum analysis and chest x-ray
  4. Our clinic is registered under government DOTS where we provide you free drugs from the government
  5. Please take full course of treatment for 6 months and high protein diet like milk, egg, paneer etc
  6. Last word: If you eat TB tablet and protein food you live, If not you die

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: You are in India which is a burden of tuberculosis, so no doubt we all can get TB

Ans: Babies, old age, overcrowded houses, low socioeconomic background, low immune status like diabetes.

Ans: Cough more than 2 weeks, loss of appetite, loss of weight, blood in sputum, evening rise of tempreture

Ans: your age and immune status matters. If your age is more than 15 and your not having any immune deficiency less chance you will get TB

In your home if there is any child less than 6 years, immunodeficiency patients like HIV, Diabetes please visit your doctor as you may get TB

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