Snoring (OSA)

Five things my patient should know

  1. Snoring is due to obstruction of upper airway
  2. Severe obstruction will cause reduced airflow (oxygen) to lungs and causes low blood oxygen which is called OSA
  3. You will be suffering from hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks, depression etc all of which are due to snoring (OSA), so kindly check your pulmonologist if you are a snorer
  4. Our clinic has a sleep centre where we diagnose OSA with sleep studies and give appropriate treatment
  5. No medical shop tablets will improve snoring
  6. Last word: If you snore, I am your cure

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Noisy sound produced due passage of air through obstructed airway. Most common cause is obesity (excess weight)

Ans: Obesity is not the only cause for snoring other causes include Deviated nasal septum, tonsillar enlargement, adenoid enlargement, alcoholics etc

Ans: Snoring means not only sound, snoring is an indicator that your blood oxygen levels will fall. So kindly consult pulmonologist to check whether you only snore or there is also fall in oxygen

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