Five things my patient should know

  1. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a chronic disease with persistent symptoms like cough, breathlessness
  2. COPD is an irreversible disease which means the amount of damage happened to lungs cannot be reversed but we can prevent further damage
  3. Smoking is the most common cause for this condition followed by pollutions, industry smokes, automobile exhaust
  4. In villages exposure to biomass fuel (cow dung, kerosene, wood) combustion is main cause for COPD in females
  5. Smoking cessasation and inhalers prescribed by pulmonologists are main mode of treatment
  6. Please don’t use tablets and inhalers given in medical shop, it will worsen your condition and increase side effects

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: You are a smoker, smoking is the main cause for COPD

Ans: There are two reasons

  • You live in a polluted city like Chennai exposed to industrial pollution, automobile exhaust etc
  • Early in your adulthood you may be exposed to biomass fuel combustion like burning woods, cow dung etc

Ans: COPD is an irreversible disease which can be kept symptomatically free but we cant reverse the damage, only option for cure is lung transplantation

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