Allergy & Sinus

Five things my patient should know

  1. It is familial, usually your ancestors will be suffering from similar problems
  2. There will be recurrent sneezing, running nose, pain in facial bones, headache, eye irritation etc
  3. Allergens like pollen, pets, smoke, dust etc are common sources
  4. Our clinic exactly diagnoses what is the cause and stops the process of allergy
  5. Please consult a pulmonologist or a ENT specialist for same , as a part of home remedy avoid allergens and do steam inhalation regularly

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: It varies based on individual

Ans: Dust, smoke, pet hairs, food like prawns etc

Ans: yes, desensitization. It is the technique where we make the patients immune to allergens

Ans: Running nose, wheezing, itching, watering from eyes etc

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